Carol Mansour

Carol Mansour is an independent documentary film maker. She founded Forward Film Production in 2000 in Beirut, Lebanon. With over 25 years in documentary production, Mansour achieved international recognition and honor for her films, with over fifty film festival screenings and official selections worldwide. Her films have been screened at several festivals in Europe and North America, winning numerous prestigious awards including most recently, the Best Documentary Award at the Al-Ard Film Festival in Sardinina, and the Women Film Critics Circle Award at Rated SR Festival 2015 in New York, for her 2014 documentary film “We cannot go there now, my Dear”. She was awarded Best Documentary at the Rated SR Festival 2014 in New York, and the Jury’s Special Mention at the FIFOG festival in Geneva for her 2013 film on the plight of Syrian refugee women "Not Who We Are". Her film on the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon “A Summer Not To Forget” received Best Short International Documentary at the New Zealand Festival. She has also won the Jury’s Prize at the Institute du Monde Arab in Paris and Best Documentary at the Arab Film Festival in Rotterdam. Carol’s work reflects her concern for human rights and social justice, covering issues such as migrant workers, refugees, environmental issues, mental health, rights of the disabled, war and memory, right to health, and child labor. Carol is Lebanese of Palestinian origin. She studied in Montreal, Canada, and is currently living and working from Beirut, Lebanon.

Forward Film Production

Forward Film Production is an international award-winning independent video production studio in Hamra, Beirut, launched in 2000 by documentary filmmaker Carol Mansour. We bring under-reported issues to international attention through the power of filmmaking and passionate story telling aiming to inspire individuals, communities and societies to become catalysts for change – both locally and internationally. At Forward Film Production we continue to grow and evolve, building strong creative and collaborative relationships with prominent business and nonprofit organizations, the education sector, government departments and private individuals. Our multi-disciplinary and multi-talented team combines extensive experience with fresh ideas to make sure that our treatment of issues is comprehensive, innovative and well researched. Together, we create compelling documentaries, corporate & marketing films, education and training videos, personal biographies and TV spots (PSAs).